Thomas Lehman

"Curt Engelhorn Scholarship"

The Berlin scholarship is currently directed by DOB's Intendant, Dietmar Schwarz, formerly of the Basel Opera. He is joined by Opera Director, Christoph Seuferle who directs our scholarship program. Our scholarship winners have been an integral part of DOB's ensemble since 1986. Many of our scholarship winners have received permanent contracts at DOB following the completion of their program. Many have also been given the opportunity to sing at Teatro Regio Torino and other opera houses in Europe.

carlton ford

"American-Berlin Scholarship"

samantha korbey

"amber capital Scholarship"

The Turin scholarship is under the direction of Maestro Gianandrea Noseda, General Manager Walter Vergnano, and Artistic Director Alessandro Galoppini. Our scholarship winners have been an integral part of the TRT ensemble since 2008. Many of our Turin scholarship singers have also been given the opportunity to sing at Deutsche Oper Berlin.

john carpenter

"Björn Eklund Scholarship"

The Munich scholarship launched in 2012 at the Bavarian State Opera's young artist program is under the direction of Henning Ruhe. The Bavarian State Opera's young artist program is called the "Opera Studio" and was founded in 2006 on the initiative of music director Kent Nagano. This program supports highly talented young artists and prepares them for an international career in step with actual practice. The promotion of young artists continues to play an important role in the success of the Bavarian State Opera.


The Opera Foundation congratulates the current winners:

2014-15 Scholarship #1 at Deutsche Oper Berlin: Thomas Lehman, Baritone from Miami, FL was awarded the 19th annual Curt Engelhorn Scholarship. The scholarship is generously supported by the prominent German industrialist's family since 1996.

2014-15 Scholarship #2 at Deutsche Oper Berlin: Baritone, Carlton Ford from Miami,FL is the recipient of the 29th annual American-Berlin Scholarship 2013-14

2014-15 Scholarship #3 at Teatro Regio Torino: Samantha Korbey, Mezzo Soprano from Pittsburgh, PA was awarded the sixth annual Amber Capital Scholarship. The Scholarship was established in 2008 with the generous support of the investment management firm, Amber Capital LLC.

2014-15 Scholarship #4 at the Bayerische Staatsoper, Opern Studio: John Carpenter, Baritone from Moorestown, NJ was awarded the second annual Björn Eklund Scholarship. This scholarship was established in 2013 by the Eklund and Dupire families in memory of their late son and brother, Björn Eklund.

Description of Scholarships:

Each professional scholarship constitutes a young artist program at each of the three partnering opera houses. Applicants who have been chosen to attend the Foundation´s audition compete for one of four scholarships (two for Berlin, one for Turin, and one for Munich). Applicants may not choose one scholarship over the other or opt out of any one when applying. The Opera Foundation conducts a single audition for all of our scholarships. Judges include the senior representatives of Deutsche Oper Berlin, Teatro Regio Torino, and Die Bayerische Staatsoper.

Each scholarship is dedicated to a designated opera house or program but singers may be released at the opera house's discretion to sing at the other participating houses should the opportunity arise.

Scholarship recipients will travel to Berlin, Munich and/or Turin to start his or her professional training with the Deutsche Oper Berlin, Teatro Regio Torino, and the Bayerische Staatsoper. The term of scholarship is 10 months (September to June) for Berlin and Turin, and 11 months for Munich (September to July).

Each winner of a scholarship signs a contract with the Opera Foundation, and receives a stipend in the amount of US $16,000 and travel expenses of $1,300 to cover transportation between the United States and Berlin, Munich, and Turin.

Each winner signs an additional contract with the respective opera house including additional benefits. The general terms of these benefits are as follows: The Berlin, Turin and Munich scholarships include an approximately €700 per month stipend from the hosting opera house to cover housing and access to healthcare benefits. These additional benefits are governed by the contract negotiated between the participating opera house and the scholarship winner. These terms are subject to change based on currency fluctuations and/or other considerations dictated by the participating opera house.

During the year, the students receive advanced training and are offered roles in actual productions for which they may receive additional compensation. The Opera Foundation facilitates housing in Berlin, Munich and Turin and recipients are encouraged to participate in language courses in Germany and Italy. The scholarship competition is currently only open to US citizens or permanent resident card holders, between the ages of 18 and 30 who are beginning their professional singing careers.